Logo Design

Logos are simply the ESSENCE of a business, an artist or something that needs to be recognized.  Here at AdLiBb Grafix we understand this very well and also understand that your logo will be used in many forms of advertising and promotion.  this is why we design all of our logos to be vectorized.  What does this mean.  It means that the logo becomes a line drawing.  That it can be resized either bigger of small WITHOUT ANY LOSS of resolution.  furthermore.  the logo has the possibility of being manipulated in many situations such as photo, a poster, a business card and even a vinyl machine.

We at AdLiBb Grafix have designed over 46 logos, many that are still in use today.  Our team sits down with you to discuss the concepts and the complexity of what you want in a logo and designs from there.

Below you will find some of the logos that we designed

en_CAEnglish (Canada)